Press On Nails

Press On Nails

  1. Basic Press Ons with just gel colour ( any colour combination desired ) £20
  2. Press Ons with simple nail art e.g. dots, lines, french. £25
  3. Press Ons with detailed Nail art e.g. Flames, Butterflies Etc. £32
Press On Type

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly so there is no excess oils on your nail bed.
    2. Use the nail file to lightly rough up the nail. 
    3. Take your press ons, ensure you decifer which hand is which (L or R). these will be noted.
    4. Place the first press on nail to your own to ensure sizing is accurate. It is best to do this nail by nail to ensure they do not get muddled up.
    5. Apply a small amount of adhesive to the false nail and press down onto the nail bed. Hold for a 6 seconds until nail feels secure. 
    6. Once completed all nails dont do anythng for two weeks... nah im just joking but as your nails are only held on with glue treat them with care :) x

    Enjoy your new nails and stay safe , Lots of Love, Empower Team x

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