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  1. Acetone ( You can buy this from a local pharmacy or online on amazon )

  2. Cotton Pads

  3. Nail File

  4. Tin Foil ( cut into medium sized square pieces)

  5. Cuticle oil (not a necessity but it will help to nourish the nails/cuticles)

  6. Orange woodstick to gently scrape the gel polish off


  1. Firstly you must buff the shiny top coat of the gel polish off with your nail file, this breaks the seal and allows the acetone to soak through.

  2. Split a cotton pad into two and apply the acetone to the cotton pad.

  3. Apply the cotton pad soaked in acetone onto your nail and wrap around your finger.

  4. Take one square of precut tinfoil, place it on top of the cotton pad and wrap it around your finger. Twirl the tinfoil at the top tightly to secure it to the nail. It can get extremely frustrating doing this on yourself so if you have someone willing to give you a helping hand I strongly advise you take them up on it to avoid gaining grey hairs in the process!!😂

  5. Now that the hard part is over - pop your feet up, pour yourself a Gin / Wine, whatever your preference and leave them to cook for unto 20 minutes.

  6. Once the 20 minutes is up, simply remove the tinfoil (have some kitchen roll handy to catch all of the mess) and use your orange woodstick to gently scrape away any remaining gel polish.

  7. Finish by lightly buffing the nails, shaping the free edge and apply some cuticle oil.

VOILÀ - You go girl, you're basically a nail tech now... 😘

Now you're probably thinking - "They look so naked" "My nails are a mess" "I need Kirsty back" (a few I’ve heard so far)🙈

Well panic not because as soon as the world politely kicks Sir Covid - 19's derrière, we will be reunited and I promise it will be 100% worth the catch up, laughs, a good cuppa and of course a wonderful set of nails❤️

So in the meantime - Stay tuned for more updates, hints and tips and most importantly, stay home, stay safe, rest, relax and take care!

Lots of Love, Kirsty x

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1 Comment

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson
Apr 01, 2020

Thank you so much for this blog xxx

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